30 BEFORE 30

Friday, 28 August 2015

30 before 30
Everyone keeps telling me that 30 isn't really that old an age to be in the the 21st century but my need for power naps and inability to do 2 nights out back to back tells me otherwise! Also the fact that my little brother doesn't  know who the Spice girls are is frankly disheartening. Let's be honest, society has unwritten rules bout the sale by date of classifying you as a 'free spirit who eats packet noodles for dinner' and being a bum and sadly, that age is 30! In a weird way I am looking forward to  being 30 because its that 'must have your shxt together' age and by Jove! I will have my shxt together (loosely speaking)!!   
In case you hadn't noticed, I like lists! I make lists for everything. I make lists for going to get bread at the corner store, I am shamelessly that person. Why would the countdown to 30 not have a (bucket) list? So I've set myself 30 things to do before my 30th birthday and I'll track them and share with you as I go. So 21 months to accomplish 30 things! Nice. 

Here's my list

  1. Read 100 best books to read to before you die (slightly cheating because I've started this list already)
  2. Book a skiing holiday
  3. Take myself to dinner
  4. Visit the American West coast (Cali + Vegas)
  5. Go to Thailand
  6. Retake Italian/French classes 
  7. Make a chocolate cake (decorate it and all that jazz)
  8. Attempt deep sea diving(again)
  9. Take a photography class
  10. Run a half half marathon
  11. Learn how to make Sushi
  12. Sky Dive
  13. Tackle the French macaron
  14. Crossfit twice a week (once my physio clears me)
  15. Do 10 continuous pull ups
  16. Be vegetarian for a month
  17. Take up yoga/Pilates/meditation
  18. Visit an African country I haven't been to (read: Nigeria) 
  19. Bungee jump at the Victoria falls 
  20. 10 random acts of kindness
  21. Ride a bicycle 
  22. Complete 100k in a month running challenge (inspired by my friend)
  23. Go to Oktoberfest
  24. Visit Rome again (throw in Florence/Venice??)
  25. Have a 6 pack for my 30th birthday (my list, my rules)
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Read the news everyday (I used to be so good about this)
  28. Grow some vegetables 
  29. Retake piano lessons
  30. Buy a house (an apartment will also do)!

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