Monday, 18 January 2016

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So I had this post in draft and somehow it managed to go live before it was finished and I didn't notice until like a day later! Major Oops! But now it's all done so I can safely share some of my favourite fitness related accounts (and it's #MotivationMonday). I stated in this post that my morning ritual is to go through Instagram for about 10 minutes getting motivation before I roll out of bed and head to the gym in the morning. I will also sometimes be in the gym and  have a conversation with self like 'dude, remember that shoulder exercise X posted last week? That would be kind of dope to add right now' and just like that I switch up my workout. I think the majority of people I follow on the gram are fitness related accounts so picking just 6 to share with you was ridiculously hard (read: I changed the list a few times). I almost gave myself a bit of leeway and made it a top 10 so I would feel like I covered everyone but in the end I compromised and did 6 and a bonus (as is done). 
Seriously though, if you have a fitness goal or you're just starting out I encourage you to follow people that are doing what you want to do and look how you want and learn what you can from them - it's worked for me!

Marissa  Nichole - @marissa8693

I really want to be bold and proclaim that this is probably my very favourite account because I find her really relatable (read: she knows the struggle of not being naturally fit). I've found that for fitness inspiration you want to see someone who was 280kg and got down to 80kg by running and eating lettuce and knows how hard it is to go to a party and not eat the cake - well at least that's what I like! Not saying Marissa was 280kg but you get the point! If you've never seen her page before you have to see her latest photoshoot. Like I straight had a lady boner - she is insanely hot in those pictures!

Crystal Jean - @guam_fit

Right off the bat let me say that her body is beyond amazing! But most importantly, Guam also kicks ass in the gym! Her Instagram workout videos make me excited for woking out, I genuinely watch them and have those 'how can I incorporate these moves into my workouts' moments. She also has a makeup account (here) if you want to totally immerse yourself in her life (no judgement here).
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Kenneth Gallarzo - @progressive_calisthenics

When I was maybe 20 my mum took me to her morning calisthenics class and I remember being able to do exactly none of the moves. I remember also being in pain for about 4 days after the class and never wanting to do that type of exercise again! But now that my knowledge of exercise ad fitness has spanned the treadmill and elliptical I've found a new appreciation for body weighted workouts and gymnastics. I am beyond awed by the things that people can train their bodies to do and this account (for me) is the embodiment of being able to take your body to the extreme without using any fancy equipment or tons of money! 

Elaine Schieferdecker

Unlike the other people in my list I haven't been following this account for a really long time but it's become such a favourite of mine - mainly because #LegGoals. I think I've actually scrolled through her entire timeline. Yes, Im shamelessly saying that I stalked her account - I was just that amazed by her physique. She doesn't post super glamorous pictures (read: she won't sell you teas in her lingerie) and I think(operative word) she doesn't even go to a conventional gym (read: her pictures are with weights on some random driveway) which is part of her allure! If you like knowing what someone is talking up in their posts then you can't follow her because she posts in Portuguese(sorry, not sorry)!

Magda Civil

I used to follow her before she was instafamous and I've continued to be a fan because she's still the exact same (read: she won't try sell you a quick fix). She does most of her workouts at home and with very little equipment but also incorporates some lifting and outdoor workouts (a woman after my own heart!!)

Dave Driskill

This guy is totally ah-may-zing! He runs a Crossfit box, has a  beard, has tattoos and a six pack...so he's pretty much living the dream (lolz). No seriously, I love that he's doing what he loves and he just seems to genuinely love life (living in Bali probably helps). Last summer he went to India and  spent 2 weeks riding a rickshaw over 2000km to try and raise money to help the kids over there- like how can you not be inspired?
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Total Bodied by April

Facts: April is a mother of 3 and just turned 37! If I'm in as good shape as April is when I hit 37 - I worry for the world! Just kidding (maybe). Seriously, if the state of her body doesn't amaze and inspire you given her age then I don't know. 

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