Monday, 14 March 2016

So we moved into our new apartment and while it was super exciting to be like omg we've bought something and we are moving into something we own, it all happened really quickly. In my mind we had 2 weeks after completing which would mean we could do things a little leisurely, get the flat painted and sorted out before we moved in and mentally be prepared for the circus that I knew it would be. Life is an asshole sometimes and is like 'oh is that's the plan? Don't think so!'  Turns out the new tenants of our old flat wanted to move in the 12th so we had to be gone before that *sighs*. The reality was; we had to move in a week earlier, the painter couldn't start until the end of the week and I was not mentally prepared! So the state of our apartment over the last week and a half has been ghastly! There was a leaking sink, boxes everywhere to jump over, no internet or tv, an oven that keeps beeping but the old owner left no manual so that's that and a fridge door that wouldn't close- so in a word, fun!

Our living room no longer looks like the picture above but that was the state of play until this past weekend when I gave it a bit of a sprucing. We are still in the process of actually getting everything sorted out (read: the floor and electrics needs to be done) so we still have to live out of boxes but I've tried to minimise that and make our lives somewhat normal (read: we can now watch tv and have clean clothes). I think it's literally going to be April before we have all our boxes unpacked and we are happy with the state of it all. The good news is that we have internet so I can get back to blogging properly! Yaaaayy! So while this isn't like a really saucy post it's a quick note to just check in and tell you (and a reminder to myself) that I'm going back to my normal routine. Also,  I am planning on doing some seriously sexy (I don't say that lightly) DIY projects in the coming weeks and hopefully they'll actually turn out how I envision and I can share them with you guys because who doesn't love a DIY project ya know?  Anywho, happy new week everybody! 

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