Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I haven't blogged this month because life took over and I had to deal with some personal stuff but I plan to actually get back to my normal schedule and that includes blogging regularly. Seeing as I needed to reset the weekend trip to Amsterdam came at a perfect time! So it was my birthday this past weekend (coincidently also our anniversary) and the husband and I jetted off to celebrate. We almost didn't go because the husband got stuck in traffic and I was sitting at the airport waiting trying to not lose my mind which didn't earn me any 'good vibe' credits with the universe because we missed our flight and had to rebook our tickets for the next day. Which translated itself into; running off the plane once we landed into a taxi to our hotel, taking an hour power nap and then walking through the whole city while simultaneously stopping to drink and eat everything that we saw!
I'll tell you now for free that the food in Amsterdam is ah-may-zing. Amazing. We ate our weight in pancakes and waffles. I'm a massive cheese lover and cheese stores are everywhere in the city and they have free samples so I kept nipping into them and eating the cheese- at one point the husband has to save me from myself. My friend was telling me the food is so much better than in London and she was right because I absolutely loved the food in Amsterdam (and by association, the city). Seriously, they have pancake pizza! How could you not love a city that merges a pancake with one of the most iconic foods of all time? On my actual birthday we went for brunch at Gs and I ate one of the most life changing 'breakfast sandwich' combinations ever; pulled pork, kimchi and fried egg all between 2 sugar donuts (spoiler: I loved it so much I reordered it because, it was my birthday and YOLO ya know?)! Also highly recommend the cheery and kirsch waffle at Sara's Pancake House - these boozy waffles had the husband trying to talk me into buying a waffle maker for the house!   
We managed to go and see the Anne Frank Museum which was great but I expected a bit more from it and didn't really get it - I wanted to see what the annexe looked like but they'd removed a lot of the original furniture. I cat tell you enough how crucial buying a ticket beforehand is, the wait without a ticket is between 2 and 3 hours! The tour that I recommend doing is the heineken tour because it's really interactive (read: you get to have beer) and you pick up interesting facts about beer production, which might come in handy for conversation starters. You have to tell them it's your birthday so they can give you a birthday mug (which they fill with beer) and you still get your two pints that come with your tour! I'm not a massive beer drinker but when it's your birthday, all gifts are welcome. Also got free drink off a German lady in an Irish pub (I know, who goes to Amsterdam and end up in an Irish pub) because we were 'soul sisters'. The husband came up with this term because turns out said lady was born on the same day and year as me and was out celebrating her last 20s birthday as well.
The husband is a big micro brew drinker and so on Sunday I took him to Arendsnest, a beer bar (literally all they sell is beer, well, predominantly). They stock over 100 beers, 30 of which are on tap, so  there's a beer in there for everyone. We spent close to 3 hours in there just trying different beers and some sort of liquor you have with beer that the Dutch call Jenever. A nice little round off to the weekend. I think the husband and I both agreed that this was quite possibly the best city break we have taken (read: we fought only once. I kid) and there was also a consensus regarding this being the best birthday we've celebrated together! It was the perfect combination of food, laughter, calorie burning from the walking and alcohol. Apart from the weather which is literally batshit crazy (it was sunny and hailing on Sunday morning) we couldn't find anything we disliked about Amsterdam. We nearly got ran over by cyclists about 8987556 times but not even that put us off!

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