Monday, 25 April 2016

I'm officially 5 days away from doing my 3rd Tough Mudder and I'm simultaneously scared and excited. Scared because I have been having issues with my calves and feet so running the 13 miles is going to be a test of will but excited because I get 2 weeks off exercising after all this training! I also plan to eat my weight in pizza on Saturday night (and not the fancy kind, the Dominos variety), all  washed down by some strawberry cider and profiteroles (no half measures around here). Now that I've let my inner 500lb woman out, let's talk about beauty products!

Let's just leave it alone that most of these products are MAC( spoiler alert: I have an addiction). Addiction aside, I've found some serious gems in the last few months, some aren't completely new to me but then rediscovering them was still special! I don't know if it's because I'm getting old(er) or this is a natural occurrence but I've started to take reeaallly good care of my skin and also paying more attention to it. I literally mapped out my dry spots and give those areas a little extra TLC because I refuse to be 40 with the skin of a prune! So, no surprise that most of the products on this list are skin care products.

FIX +; Back when I had an extensive makeup collection, people who know me are rolling their eyes but really it used to be worse, I used to love this stuff. I used to use it to hydrate my skins so i would have a dewy look but once I stopped wearing makeup- it got thrown out. Fast forward to last month and my skin was feeling really dry and I wanted to 'revive' it before I applied my face powder and so off I went looking for a product to do just that and I ended up with FIX+ because it's seriously a great

Midnight Recovery Concentrate; This is the first Kiehl's product I have tried and I am well impressed! I kept reading reviews about how wonderful it is but I couldnt bring myself to spend the £37 for the 30ml (£1.23 a ml!! but who's counting) so I kept putting it off until there was a 20% off offer and I shamelessly took advantage and I'm so glad that I did! Now that I've used it, I would purchase it at full price. It's just such a wonderful feeling to have the oil on your face and it isn't greasy at all. The lady was like 'apply it only at night because that's when your skin regenerates' and at first I complied and nearly 30 days later - I even use it during the day because rules are for breaking ya know?
MATTE; This is another one I used to use A LOT because I had super oily skin. I don't use the word 'suer lightly - I would wash my face, tone, moisturise and midway through makeup application I would start to have a slight shine - it was horrible (pre using the mattifying gel of course)! Then I went through Roaccutane and my skin changed to combination so I stopped using the primer but lately my skin has been oiler than usual in my T zone (not having hair to hide behind does not help, I'll tell you that now lols) so I turned to old trusty! If you're looking for a good mattifying serum to apply before your makeup I can't recommend this enough.

Ricco; I kinda sorta talked about this liquid lipstick in this post but it deserves so much more than a kinda sorta mention! This has been my go to lipstick for the last 2 months (read: 4/7 days in the week) because it goes with everything. E V E R Y T H I N G. It's the most perfect brick red/brown/mauve colour (it's hard to describe dammit). 

PREP + PRIME HIGHLIGHTER; I can't remember how I discovered this little gem but once it was on my radar, I watched 20 Youtube review videos (as you do) to make sure it was something that I really needed and would love and the verdict is a resounding love! Different people use it differently(as evidenced by the 20 videos I watched)  having used it, this video is the one i agree with. It's called a highlighter but it isn't really - it's more of a skin corrector. I have the shade Peach Lustre which does wonders to correct my dark spots (think colour theory from you art class).

Let me know if any of these are your faves as well or if you have any recommendations! 

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  1. Hey Mel I love love the Mac fix + spary is ako my go to , I also love the Mac highlighter I use brighforecast for an undereye highlight its great for a quick fix


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