Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone! I was going to write a post which would be a catch up on what has been going on since I've been a bit(okay, maybe like a lot) MIA but then I thought this post would be much better (read: more interesting) and would more or less tie in with what's been going on in my life (somewhat). I've really been in a kind of slump for several reasons but that's a story for another day! But now the sun is out and my joie de vivre is back on track. I'm beyond excited for the rest of the year because I have so many holidays/events planned that one of my friends made a joke that I have to schedule work around them- this is not an accident, I assure you. 
I'll confess that I have not totally completed some of these things but they're in a state where I'm so committed I think I deserve to tick them off the list. So what that I just on Monday started my half marathon training? They sent me the 'thank you for signing up letter' so it's official - as are the rest of the things I'm ticking off.  I really would have loved to be able to tick more off but I'll get there. I'm also realizing that some of the things may not be possible because of timing and conflicts so I'm thinking I might switch them out for other things instead!

Things I've ticked off my list

  1. Read 100 best books to read to before you die (slightly cheating because I've started this list already)
  2. Learn how to make Sushi
  3. Retake Italian/French classes 
  4. Take up Yoga
  5. Run a half half marathon 
  6. Complete 100k in a month running challenge (inspired by my friend)
  7. Read the news everyday (I used to be so good about this)
  8. Buy a house (an apartment will also do)!

Things I'm switching out

  1. Retake Piano Class - Now that I'm retaking Italian and know the kind commitment that's involved I've had to rethink this. Thursdays are now my longest day as a result and the thought of having 2 long days is more than I can handle so whilst I'd have loved to retake piano it's getting the boot!
  2. Crossfit twice a week - because I've had surgery on my shoulder I'm now highly susceptible to shoulder dislocations and Crossfit has a lot overhead movements and gymnastics so no can do! 
  3. Go to Thailand - This is still definitely on the list but I have to be realistic and I don't think I can go in the next 11 months because I have a shxt ton of travelling planned and Thailand has failed to find a home on the list
  4. Visit the American West Coast - Similar to Thailand still absolutely on the list just not in the next 11 months. I could cheat on this because the husband and I plan to a big American trip probably for Christmas next year but meh, it get replaced!

Things I'll do instead

  1. Learn some chef skills
  2. Spend my 30th in Cape Town
  3. Maybe (operative word here) run the Two Oceans Half Marathon
  4. Sing Karaoke

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