Friday, 27 May 2016

Happy Friday! I'm currently in New York which means I'll be eating ALL the Chipotle I come across for the next week because..greed! I'm also planning on keeping up with my training program while I'm here (read: burn off the donut, pizza and hotdog calories) but let's see how that goes! 

Anyhow, last summer my friend kept telling me to listen to podcasts and I was like meh because I remember when they first started way back when and they weren't that remarkable so I was in no hurry to give them a whirl again. Fast forward to today, and I am a bonafide podcast fiend - even among my friends! I love, LOVE, podcasts. I Listen to them while I walk to the station, while I work at my desk, sometimes in the gym, while I clean the house and obvs just because I love them! I want to be bold and proclaim that I love them more than reading but I can't commit to that statement just yet! 

I've become that friend that sends my friends links to podcasts because I think they might learn something or just because I want them to share in the awesomeness of a moment with me. I have my husband listening to podcasts about marriage and relationships so with this kind of enthusiasm - a post was inevitable! So here are 7, yes I know I was meant to share 6 but I couldn't help myself :), podcasts that you can listen to while you wait for Serial to come back! P.S the titles are hyperlinked to help you get to the podcasts faster - you're welcome!

This is arguably my favorite podcast of the bunch because I have learnt so much from just listening to this podcast(fun fact: this is how stuff works spin off). Each week the hosts, who are super funny btw, discuss topics that relate to women issues. Sometimes the episode is related to current affairs and other times it's totally random. It's the kind of podcast where even if the title of the episode seems really uninteresting, you should listen anyway because more often than not, you'll end up being interested. Some of favorite episodes have been about reproductive rights, the gender pay gap and prostitution during war time!

Guys We Fxxxxd

I was actually looking for a new podcast one day and stumbled upon this gem! They had me just by the title at first (who would f be drawn to that title, seriously) and then I became a true addict because what is not to love about 2 women speaking quite literally about the guys they fxcked!? In earlier episodes they took turns to invite a guy they had slept with and discuss all sorts of sexually related things; masturbation - tick, anal - tick, threesomes- tick and so on and what not! The newer episodes are less about the guys they've shagged and more to do with sexually related issues that women face like availability of abortion clinics, being judged for sexual choices etc. I also love how they term themselves the 'anti slut shaming podcast' because truly they are.

Dear Sugar

This is a modern take on the agony aunt- in podcast form. What's not to love?People email in their letters and Anna Strayed and her co-host Steve Almond, answer their various questions. What I really love about it is that they don't just dish out cookie cutter solutions and sometimes give totally different views on a subject so the writer (person who sent in the question) has a choice as to which advice they want to go with. And icing on the cake is on some episodes a third person gets invited to give advice- often someone who has been through the same situation or a specialist on that subject. If like me you used to love the agony aunt sections in magazines then you'll definitely love this!

The Brilliant Idiots

This is (in my opinion) one of the best pop culture podcasts out there! The pen wise is simple: it's just 2 guys having banter about what's going on in the world (I say world but mostly it's America) and giving their opinions. If you are easily offended(which you probably aren't if you read this blog! Just saying), this might not be for you because they tend to say some really politically incorrect things but that's the allure of it. I went to see them live when they were in London and it was such a good night out (made better by Charlamagne saying he loved my hair*swoons*)! But seriously, if you enjoy being in the know on pop culture or just want to hear what other people think about current issues then I'd highly recommend this podcast - just be prepared for the crude banter!

Death, Sex, Money

Of all the podcasts I listen to regularly this is the one that has the most diverse content- honestly you never know what the next topic will be which is what excites me about this podcast. What I also like about this podcast is that real people come on each episode and tell their stories which makes the stories very relatable and will most certainly, sometimes give you pause. The topics are really varied so there's something for everyone to relate to and some of the topics are really light and funny but some of them are super sad (I may or may not have shed a tear once or twice). Also, if you like the tempo of Serial you will like Anna Sale because she eerily sounds (it's actually creepy) just like Sarah Koenig!

Two Dope Queens

This is a relatively new podcast (spoiler alert: there are currently 9 episodes) but it's so worth getting into because it's one of the funniest podcasts I listen to. It's actually a completely different setup from other podcasts in that it's recorded in a "live show" format. The hosts Pheobe and Jessice are comedians who invite other stand ups to their show and the episodes are recorded while they perform so you get to "be there" with the audience (I really hope that makes sense, if not, just listen- it will). It's such an easy and fun listen that the hour episodes go by so quickly. Can't tell you how many times someone on the tube has looked at me weirdly because I'll be listening to the jokes and then I start to LOL randomly- if you live in London you knkw this is NOT the done thing!

Tough Girl Challenges

I'm throwing this one in a bonus because it's only recently become a favorite. Since I started my Half Marathon Trainjng,I wanted to listen to some running podcasts (read: I was inspired by the hubs who listens to Golf podcasts to improve his game) and this one is seriously better than just a running podcast! Every week Sarah Williams interviews different women who have challenged themselves to all sorts of different physical challenges like climbing Kilimanjaro, running the perimeter of Wales, starting sites to help other women get fit etc. If you want to listen to stories about ordinary women doing amazing things - you won't be disappointed. The host herself used to be a Banker in London and realized she wasn't happy and quit her great job to go live in New Zealand (all the Jealousness - ALL). 

If you listen to any good podcasts go ahead and leave them in the comment section because I'm always willing to try a new pica st. ALWAYS. Let me also know if you give any of these a go and what your thoughts are. 

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  1. I've been following your blog for a little while and I love it! Keep it up.
    I'm also an avid podcast listener and my favourites are: Myleik Teele's podcast, The Read and Death,Sex and Money.


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