Monday, 12 September 2016

So I was in a bit of a creative slump. Everyone kept asking 'when I was going to put up a post' - but I didn't have answers to any of the question. I hadn't actually had the talk with myself to get a reflective view of why I wasn't motivated enough to write up something interesting (or why with over 20 posts in draft I could just edit one and publish just one)! Then my mum came to visit in July and I took time off work...so with nothing else to do, I had the talk with self and we agreed - I was in a creative slump! Anyone that knows me will tell you I love to do creative things and that's one of the reasons this blog was created, to be a platform for me to share all the creative madness that my mind cooks up but somehow I've lost my mojo! I don't think I've found said mojo in its entirety but I started missing writing posts because all the writing I've had in the last 2 months has been work related and that is pretty sad! 
  I don't want to jinx it but my goal is to put out at least one post a week at an absolute minimum and then move on to 2 and eventually when all cylinders are firing I will revert to 3! Anywho, versus writing out a full blown diary style entry of what has been going on with me over the last 2 months I'll just bullet it (after typing all the things, I realised I lied and it was more story time format- oops);

I went to Nice which was honestly on the prettiest places I've ever been! It was honestly unbelievably beautiful- I was on the plane as we week coming into the airport and I turned to my friend and said "I have to bring my husband"! When I travel 99.9% of the time I've already booked everything I want to see, laid out an itinerary and picked places to eat because yes, I am a control freak(ish). Everything was going oh so well until the night of Thursday 14th. Long story short, I'm going to have to go again next year so I can eat all the food and drink all the champagne I had planned to!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in another post but...I was training for  Men's Health Survival of the Fittest as part of my lead up to a half marathon because.....30 Things To Do Before I'm 30. I was told I had plantar fasciitis (not pretty) and needed shoes with more support blah bleh bleurgh so I bought a pair of pretty expensive shoes but was still really uncomfortable ruining. Took part in Men's Health in July and at about the 8km mark I came off an obstacle and told the husband it hurt to be alive!! Well, maybe not alive but it hurt to walk and I had to hobble the remaining 2km - wonderful! Called my health insurance a week later and told them I think I broke my foot and the lady who gave me 'an examination' over the phone (the fxcken phone!!) told me she didn't think so and I should just go for physio. My mum (she's a retired doctor) was still here and she thought it might be stress fracture and I should get it X-Rayed. I went to get an X-Ray and sure enough....stress fracture! So I'm not allowed to run for 6-8 weeks which means I can't do my half marathon in October and can't tick it off the list. The current plan (depending on when my foot is completely healed) is to either a) do the Two Oceans in Cape Town with my dad or b) Abseil Table Mountain.

In case it wasn't immediately obvious from the point above - a girl has decided to turn 30 in Cape Town! This was a kill several birds with one stone decision because I would get to a) spend my birthday with my family b) possibly run with my dad c) get my friends involved  and obvs d) drink exquisite wine while I did it all!

I've started Olympic Weightlifting- inspired by the olympics, naturally! Legit this is how it happened: my mum and I were watching the 48kg Women's weightlifting class (disclaimer: I do not weigh 48kgs - maybe when I was 12. Maybe.) they were lifting two times their body weight and I randomly said "I think I could do that; I like lifting anyway and this would be a different challenge" and my mum said "give it a go' and so I did. There really wasn't more to it than that but I'm glad I've taken it up because I've been weight training for close to 4 years now but that's been more for aesthetics and health so I've never had the need to push myself to shift heavy weights whereas now all I can think about is where I'mm be in 3 months! Last week I snatched 32kg which might not seem like a lot but for someone who started almost a month ago its not bad (spoiler: other people who have been at to longer posted 40kg, but it's not a completion *smirks*). My only concern is that there are a lot of overhead movements and with my shoulder having gone through surgery last year - it's hit and miss somedays *sighs*

And now that we're all caught up, I can do a more topic specific post next time! Have an awesome week! 

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