Thursday, 16 February 2017

Firstly, Happy Almost Friday!!! Secondly, I know....I've been slacking off blogging - whats new ey? But basically I've just been really living my best life because...I quit my job! And then took a whole week to celebrate that because I had been looking for a new opportunity for a while and it finally happened and I just felt euphoric so a girl was drinking cocktails and eating oysters and not blogging - as you do! I was doing all this but also trying to achieve my fitness goals! I did miss my weight loss goal during my celebratory week but YOLO ya know? Which brings us nicely into this post!

If you remember in this post, I told you that I was heaviest I have EVER been in my life on January 1st. Granted I know I have a lot of muscles mass so whilst I did weigh a lot I by no means looked terrible but I just 'felt' heavy. Over the last 6 weeks I've steadily lost 8lbs (3.6kgs) which doesn't seem like a lot but when you are 5 foot nothing, it feels like a ton off your body! Someone is probably reading that thinking that's not a lot to lose over 6 weeks and that is where a lot of people get it wrong! The problem that most people have when it comes to weight/fat loss is that they want the weight to be gone, and they want it to go now! But the reality is that weight loss is a game of patience, consistency and hard work (especially if you want it to stay off)! 

I am not a nutrition/ personal trainer but I am PASSIONATE about health and fitness and so I spend a lot of my free time reading,watching, listening to various people and learning tricks and tips which I use in my everyday life and hope you will find useful if you feel as though you're slaving in the gym/missing out on pizza night but not seeing any progress in your physique or the number on your scale! So here are 5 reasons your progress might be impeded

#1 You're Eating more than you think

I remember watching a show about weight loss on tv about a year ago and this lady made some at home healthy bars that she was going to eat instead of snacking on other less healthy options- sounds great. She was kept telling everyone that they were 10 calories per serving so she could eat 10, be satisfied and be at 100 calories - awesome right? A few days into what she thought was a good eating habit someone pointed out to her that a serving size was something like 1 gram...and she was not been eating 1 gram at a time! So just like that her 10 calorie snack became for of a 200 calorie snack and at 10 a day she was eating 2000 calories in just snacks! 
How to fix it: Track what you eat. Seems like a very simple fix but if you aren't used to measuring out your portions and recording everything you consume this might be a little difficult but the more you do it the better you will become. I actually realize that the more I log my food the easier it becomes to make good food choices as well. You don't have o log your food forever if you choose not do, but do it until you feel you understand portions and calories.

#2 You're Not eating enough

This seems really stupid because by not eating a lot of food you should lose weight - well at least that's the theory! The reality is that, your body needs X amount of calories just to maintain homeostasis (you can google a BMR, Basel Metabolic Rate, calculator to know what your minimum food intake should be). If you aren't feeding your body what it needs at a minimum it will become better at using the little that you do give it and even start to save some of those calories for a rainy day. Worst of all, because muscle takes the most energy for your body to maintain, it will break that down first (especially if you are only doing cardio) and save the fat instead because it needs it for reserve energy
How to fix it: Your plan should be to eat as much as possible WHILE still managing to lose fat (not weight). There's not standard magic number of calories to eat to lose weight because everyone's body and metabolism is different but there are a lot of online calorie calculators you can use to see how much you should be eating based in your activity levels. The rule of thumb is to try and lose no more than 1% of your body mass a week to ensure you're eating enough. I use MyFitnessPal to track both my food intake and calories burnt so I high recommend it if like me, you prefer to track your food in a  diary format.

#3 You're Skipping meals

We've all been here where you want to lose weight really quickly so you skip a meal or meal replace with a liquid-less calorie dense meal. You might think you are getting the results you want so you ignore the hunger pangs, headaches and dips in energy but the reality is you're suffering. And suffering...for nothing! You might lose weight at first but what you're actually doing is getting your metabolism to slow down because it doesn't know when the next meal will be and therefore needs to conserve energy until then. Overtime this can lead to your metabolism slowing down which means any calories you do consume will be be burned less efficiently leading you to gain the weight you initially lost back and then some!
How to fix it: The trick to weight loss is to eat small and frequent meals that way you can keep your metabolism going all day. Versus waiting till you're starving to eat, the best thing to do is to listen to your body for signs of hunger and fullness i.e. eating healthy, nutrient dense foods when you are hungry and stopping when you're full. 

#4 You're Over exercising

Simply put, not allowing your body time to recover between workouts means it becomes more resilient and hence more likely to hold on to extra fat. Also, overtraining leads to injury which might mean not being able to workout at all (which happens to me). When you exercise you're introducing a stressor into your body (FUN FACT: you actually produce the stress hormone Cortisol when you workout) so overtraining is as dangerous to the body as when you introduce any sort of stressor into your body. I am guilty of this to the point where my husband needs to sometimes ask me if I've had a rest day that week. I enjoy not just the benefits of working out but also the actual process so I can easily workout everyday but I need to constantly remind myself that although exercising is a great way to lose weight there is very fine line between getting benefits from working hard and over working for zero benefits.
How to fix it: Honestly, there are times when recovery is even more important than exercise especially because it's during recovery when your body rebuilds and burns fat! If you find that you're overtraining cut back on your harder sessions and opt for days when all you do is stretch, walk, swim or just do nothing! When it comes to exercise regimens, be  more like Goldilocks - not too much and not too little...but just right!

I hope you find that informative and it helps you achieve your goals! Let me know in the comment section if you want to know what I do specifically or if you need any other related help because like i said I want to help people live healthy lives! 😊

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