Monday, 3 July 2017


I've had quite a few people ask me why I hadn't blogged and the answer is simply; I didn't feel like it. After a while though, I missed it because I use this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and creativity and so I was bound to come back to it! What really pushed me over the edge to get back into it was a person who I really had no idea read my blog told me that they found it interesting and liked my views on things and the pride came flooding back and I promised myself July would be it. So here it is.

Honestly, I really did miss writing posts and interacting with people who tweet me their comments or post in the comments section- there's something about that level of connectedness that appeals to me. To bridge the 2 month gap, I'l do a mini (I say mini but it'll probably be a few paragraphs) update of what's been going on, what I'm currently up to and what I have planned so far.

General life stuff

I can't remember if I wrote that I had left my old job in any previous posts but I'm 4 months into my new job and I am still loving it so that's always a good thing. It's a completely new environment, culture and just different vibe from last roll and I'm soaking it all up! I also only take one train to work versus 2, and any Londoner will tell you that not having to change trains during rush hour is a treasure- so there's that. The husband and I booked a late summer holiday to New York (which according to is 86 days ,10 hours, 57minutes away! It's the husband's first trip to America and I am sooo excited for him. I have just about every second planned, I almost feel sorry for him. I have sooooo much video footage from Cape Town and I've edited about 40%. I'll post that and then edit the other 60% and post that as well (just bear with me).

30 before 30 updates

 I've made a lot of progress on ticking things off the list (see the full list here), I might dedicate a whole post to the updates because a lot has happened in this space. The next big(ish) thing I plan to tick off is a skiing trip! I've started looking into it and it seems a few places will still be operating when it's easter next year so a girl will be booking that and then starting some pre-lessons. I want to go into it with some knowledge (though veeerrry basic) so I don't waste the trip learning how to balance. Also, the husband has a golf trip scheduled for end of the month and I'm toying with the idea of taking the opportunity to treat myself to a dinner - so I'll be able to tick that off as well!


I should've put this in the 30 before 30 update maybe but meh, whatevs. So the goal I had was to get my abs back for my 30th birthday because....abs are everything! No seriously, when I was about 25 I was in peak conditioning! I weighed about 10 kg less than I do now (I have more muscle now but also more fat), my abs were popping and I was just really happy with my overall fitness levels. I had been making such great progress and then my birthday trip to Cape Town and summer came along and all I'm doing is eating donuts, drinking prosecco and sustaining my addiction to Emily's fruit crisps (I buy them in batches of 30 a month). Prior to the last 3 weeks I was working out but effectively, eating all my progress away! I've started to gain a bit of discipline and cut out alcohol unless its an occasion because..balance. I actually PAID for an exercise program so I could have structure and have been working out (in some form) 5 days a week and take 2 days off! If you follow me on Instagram (add me here if you don't) I'll be posting a 'current state' picture soon so I can do monthly comparisons etc.

Around the house

I'm in the process of finally overhauling our house so I might do some posts on that soon because I personally love seeing the inside of other people's houses. I don't know what it is about seeing the decor choices that other people make that just makes me feel like I understand them better. I'm starting our living room which desperately needed some love because it's the most used room in our house. Maybe once I finish doing up the whole house I'll do a video 'home tour' thing? We shall see. But super excited for the changes we have planned.
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