One Half of a Third? Of what, you ask? Of everything. I plan on sharing all the really zany things that I do, love, create, eat and sweat out! And hopefully along the way I can get you wanting to create a thing or two,run a bit more and hopefully smile a little!

I am generally a very sarcastic (cynical?) person at the best of times and I'm putting this out there so you don't read posts and think I'm ALWAYS angry. I'm not always angry, but I'm always pissed off- subtle difference - and sometimes I'm happy! But I'm always honest and I want this to be an honest and fun portrayal of a 20 something old woman girl's (woman sounds like I have my shxt together) navigation through the madness that is life.

My husband and a lot of my very close friends have been encouraging me to start a blog because they reckon I need an outlet for my life (read: adult ADD)! No seriously, as long as I can remember I've loved doing artistic things and challenging myself to do DIY projects. I've also over the years picked up other passions like fitness, decor, hosting and cocktails (mostly drinking them but that's for another day). Inevitably all these loves have merged into what is now One Half of a Third.


  1. Hope you are well! I’m Tyler and I’m contacting you from Myprotein, which is the biggest sports nutrition brand in the UK and Europe, and are quickly -growing in the US. I love your blog – (Love the overall balance which you suggest to your blog viewers. Fitness is a lifestyle!)

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    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Tyler - I would love to feature some of you products! I'm always trying to find fun ways to incorporate protein protein products into my meals so it would be an absolute joy. Could you please email me at onehalfofathird@gmail.com and we can discuss further.